Master's program "Bioinformatics and Systems Biology"
International program in English for students with biological and computer science backgrounds
About us
Launched in 2018, the Master's program "Bioinformatics and Systems Biology" is conducted by ITMO University's International Laboratory "Computer Technologies" in collaboration with Bioinformatics Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. Our main goal is to train a new generation of specialists capable of developing and applying bioinformatics methods to solve nontrivial tasks in the field of fundamental and experimental biology.

Nowadays, when the biological science is at the post-genomic stage of its development, almost every study involves generation of huge amounts of experimental data: genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and other omics data. Bioinformatics and systems biology, as interdisciplinary fields that combine biology, computer science
and statistics, develop methods and software tools for understanding various biological data, and focus on its correct analysis, integration and interpretation.

Bioinformatics methods are used to solve a wide range of problems from fundamental science to clinical practice and industry, including:
  • studying of evolutionary processes: the origin of species, mechanisms of antibiotic resistance genesis, etc.;
  • investigation of genetic diseases molecular mechanisms and diagnosis of such disorders;
  • structural modeling for the tasks of pharmacological industry;
  • determination of patient-specific therapy for cancer patients and patients suffering from other diseases.

The students of our Master's program have a unique opportunity to work with some of the best computer science experts from ITMO and biology specialists from all over the world and participate in internships at leading European and American research institutions.

Career opportunities
Studying bioinformatics and systems biology offers students a variety of innovative professions that require expertise and skills in both life sciences and IT. Our graduates can pursue careers as bioinformatics experts in the fields of personalized medicine, the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, software development and others, or continue scientific track.
2 years
Duration of study
120 ECTS
Total number of credits
Language of the program
Two specializations
Track 1 - Data Analysis in Biology and Medicine
We teach students with biological, medical and related background the skills of programming, data processing, and statistical analysis and how to apply them in different fields of bioinformatics and systems biology.
Track 2 - Algorithmic Bioinformatics
Designed for students with informatics, mathematics and other technical backgrounds who want to apply their knowledge to bioinformatics. Includes advanced courses in statistics, algorithms, and data structure as well as introductory courses in molecular biology.