Vitaly Aksenov

Researcher [cv] [github]
Affiliations: ITMO University
Former Affiliations: PhD Position, INRIA Paris; Post-doc, IST Austria.
Phone: +7-951-662-33-99
E-mail: aksenov [@] itmo [.] ru
Research interests: Parallel algorithms, Concurrent data structures, Graph algorithms, Bioinformatics and Combinatorics



V. Aksenov, D. Alistarh, A. Drozdova, A. Mohtashami. The Splay-List: A Distribution-Adaptive Concurrent Skip-List. DISC 2020. [pdf]
N. Koval, V. Aksenov. Restricted memory-friendly lock-free bounded queues (Poster). PPoPP 2020. [pdf] [poster]


S. Aganezov, I. Zban, V. Aksenov, N. Alexeev, M. C. Schatz. Recovering Rearranged Cancer Chromosomes from Karyotype Graphs. RECOMB-CG 2019. [pdf]
U. Acar, V. Aksenov, A. Chargueraud, M. Rainey. Provably and Practically Efficient Granularity Control. PPoPP 2019. [pdf]


V. Aksenov, P. Kuznetsov, A. Shalyto. Parallel Combining: Benefits of Explicit Synchronization OPODIS 2018. [pdf] [slides]
V. Aksenov, D. Alistarh, P. Kuznetsov. Brief-Announcement: Performance Prediction for Coarse-Grained Locking. PODC 2018. [pdf] [slides]
V. Aksenov, P. Kuznetsov, A. Shalyto. On Helping and Stacks. NETYS 2018. [pdf] [slides]
U. Acar, V. Aksenov, A. Chargueraud, M. Rainey. Performance Challenges in Modular Parallel Programs (Poster). PPoPP 2018. [pdf] [poster]


V. Aksenov, V. Gramoli, P. Kuznetsov, A. Malova, S. Ravi. A Concurrency-Optimal Binary Search Tree. Euro-Par 2017. [pdf] [slides]
U. Acar, V. Aksenov, S. Westrick. Brief-Announcement: Parallel Dynamic Tree Contraction via Self-Adjusting Computation. SPAA 2017. [pdf] [full]


V. Aksenov, K. Kokhas. Calculation of Pfaffians by a Chip Removal. Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 2016. [pdf]


V. Aksenov, K. Kokhas. Chip removal. Urban Renewal Revisited. Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 2015. [pdf]


V. Aksenov, K. Kokhas. Domino Tilings and Determinants. Journal of Mathematical Sciences, 2014. [pdf]

Students and their diplomas

Year Student Type Diploma Supervision


Evgeny Feder Bachelors "Self-adjusting Networks in Matching Model" [pdf] Stefan Schmid and Iosif Salem
Ilya Kokorin Bachelors "The research of basic algorithms and data structures for Non-volatile memory" [pdf, russian] Danny Hendler, Ohad Ben-Baruch and Matan Rusanovsky

ICPC trainings under WCPS brand


Long session during autumn in Paris.
1-week session in ETH Zurich.


1-week session in Toulouse.


1-week session in Lyon.


1-week session in Harbin.

Trainings for Mathematical Competitions

Season 2019-2020
Old trainings

Highlited Professional Activities


Program Committee of Hydra (An Industrial Distributed Computing Confrerence,
Program Committee of The Summer School on Practice and Theory of Distributed Computing (


Co-organizer of The First Summer School on Practice and Theory of Concurrent Computing (


Co-head of Jury of The Bioinformatics Contest (


Host Scientific Committee of IOI in Kazan


Jury of NERC, qualification for ICPC World Finals (


ICPC Live Overlayer, a tool that draws overlays for broadcast of programming contests (Examples on youtube)
Parallel Container Template Library for automatic granularity control (with M. Rainey and A. Chargueraud)